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Topic: new Data and Statistics project?

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Subject:   RE: new Data and Statistics project?
Author: lanius
Date: Aug 10 2004
Steve, would you like this listed on the AP Stats listserv so that they could
become aware of it? That might be a group of high level users. Or they may
already be know about the tool.

On Aug 10 2004, SteveW wrote:
> We are working with some folks down at Census and the Bureau of
> Labor Statistics who are very interested in developing educational
> uses of the data they produce and know about. They have developed a
> tool that I just catalogued, DataFerrett, which works with a large
> network of data sources (known as TheDataWeb).

I would like to
> support a group of teachers and developers who want to collaborate
> with these folks. I expect to also put together a proposal for
> funding.

Already there is an interest to bring this type of
> information into community projects and integrate statistics, social
> sciences, and community service.

I can imagine a week-long
> program where we explore this tool and the data sources, as well as
> other tools such as Fathom, graphing calculators, etc. and create
> activities and resources that, along with the group members, form
> the nucleus of an educational community.

Check it out and let us
> know what you think.

-- steve
The Math Forum @ Drexel
> may be sent to steve at

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