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Topic: where do you find an online virtual ti-84

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Subject:   RE: where do you find an online virtual ti-84
Author: nutty_professor_us
Date: Jun 8 2011
On May  5 2011, Michael-X wrote:
> why don't you try this online CAS, a alternative to TI-xx :

click on the calculator image to
> access without login in

You can get the virtual calculator from TI, just need to know it is called SDK,
meaning software development kit.  You can get both the series TI-73/83/84 or
the TI-89/92. It will run on any PC OS. Only one I know of that it doesn't is
an Apple MAC. I have used it for several years now teaching my college and high
school classes. I provide my college students the instructions to download it.
Some find it very helpful.  It is basically an emulator for the calculators
which a developer can use to test out new programs. It is probably the prototype
for the one they sell to teachers.

If you want the TI-89/92, just search for that one. You may need a older
support file (DLL) to run it on newer OS's though.  


How to Download a Graphing Calculator

1. Go to .
2. Type in TI-83 SDK into the search box located in the top right corner of
the screen and hit enter.
3. Click on TI-83 Plus/TI-84 Plus/TI-73 Explorer SDK.
4. Click on Download under the calculator.
5. Click on accept at the bottom of the page.
6. Click on TI-83 Plus SDK.
7. Click Save.
8. Click Save.
9. Click Open.
10. Click Yes for the agreement.
11. Click Next till you see finish, then click Finish.
12. Close read-me file and then click OK to restart your computer.
13. After your computer restarts, you should have a shortcut on the desktop.
Click on the shortcut.
14. Click on the little white page in the top left corner.
15. Choose the TI-83 plus silver edition calculator, and click OK.
16. Click on the triangle pointing to the right which is located in the top left
corner of the window.
17. The TI-83 plus silver edition calculator should appear on your screen.
The cursor should be blinking.  Use this calculator like the one in class.  You
will have to click on the buttons with your mouse.

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