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Topic: Drill and Kill

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Subject:   RE: Drill and Kill
Author: FrankEsq
Date: Jun 8 2011
On Jun  8 2011, sherryb10 wrote:
> I am a principal whose math teacher continues to use every math
> worksheet she can find on the internet.  Where is the best research
> to help her understand that is not effective teaching?

She  believes herself to be the best teacher in the world, and give 20-page
packets of worksheets that overwhelm the kids.  Please help.


Dear Principal,

A little research is just a few keystrokes away. You may want to start by
getting a little flavor on the topic with a NYT artucle back in 2005.

If math is made meaningful, and relevant, it can be much more effective. If you
want your students to be calculators, let them develop, such as it is, with

If you want thinkers, and problem-solvers, projects, real-world examples,
students explaining their work in poster form, and infusing art with math
(whether geometry or algebra) is ideal to get confidence in math-reluctant
kids, and for those same kids to be proud of their accomplishments.

I'm a 51 year old guy finishing my 5th year teaching high school math to
under-performing NYC kids after a career in law. Half the battle is for
getting the kids to believe in themselves. If I used the "drill and kill"
method, then it would literally kill my classroom, the kids' energy, and the
chance that khese kids will succeed. It's that dire.

You, as the educational leader, should provide confident, supportive direction
to your staff member. Your students epend on that.

Good luck!

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