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Topic: Triangle Constructions

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Subject:   Triangle Constructions
Author: Gale75
Date: Jun 20 2011
While the technology is good, many standard constructions can be done with paper
folding (altitudes, angle bisectors, medians, and perpendicular bisectors).

On the other hand, to construct the triangle itself, D-Stix or constructions
paper (cut to various lengths and punch a hole in for brads) can be used easily.
Most students can measure with a protractor (or taught to do so).  When you are
given an angle, tape the parts down.  When you don't know the length of a side,
use the longest piece you have and tell students that they do not need to reach
the end.  I challenge students to try to make one that is different.  When they
think they have one, trace it on an old piece of transparency (which can be
flipped easily, when necessary) for comparison.  Just when they think that 2
pieces of info are ALWAYS enough, I given them a SSA set that produces two
different ones.

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