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Topic: Somewhere to the right of zero.

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Subject:   Somewhere to the right of zero.
Author: Allan
Date: Sep 5 2004

Having reached my AA goal this past June, I am in the first of two math classes
at a community college required for transfer to a four-year school.
Chronologically I am somewhere to the right of zero although from this distance
I can barely see zero, and I am not doing it as 'graciously as expected'.

Having a learning disability I find math to be a daily struggle to remember
processes and principals from one moment to the next, so I decided to look on
the web for information on Math software that would take me through Math 125
(Intermediate Algebra) up to my last math class, hopefully next semester.  

I am encountering exponentially more challenging information in Math 125 and
would like to know if anyone knows of a software program out there that would
help me undestand Algerbraic principals.

Thank you much.

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