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Topic: Somewhere to the right of zero.

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Subject:   RE: Somewhere to the right of zero.
Author: ten frame lady
Date: Sep 14 2004
Hi Allan,
In addition to any online help you may find, check out for some
algebra games that will help you brush up on algebraic concepts and vocabulary.
They also have some materials on operations with integers that are very
Or call toll-free 877 790-7915 and ask about the Alge-decks™ materials.
They are pretty basic. But sometimes gaps in understanding of the basics is the
problem students face when they move on to the intermediate stage in
A few pointers: A lot of students never quite realize that algebra reveals the
patterns in arithmetic and relationships between numbers. Once you get your mind
wrapped around this little secret, your confidence goes way up!
Keys to algebra: know the following arithmetic skills really well:
multiplication and division tables; how to factor a number; and proportional
relationships between numerators and denominators in "fractions" (also known as
"rational numbers" because they are set up as a ratio).
When you are asked to evaluate expressions or solve equations, think of the
variables and unknowns as "fill in the blanks" in arithmetic problems.
Let me know if this helps at all.
Christine (the ten-frame lady)

On Sep 14 2004, Bethany wrote:
> Hey there Allan,

A big congrats meeting your AA goal.  There is
> indeed some good software out there but it also depends on your own
> needs as to what will be helpful.  What are some of the topics you
> are struggling with?  Operations with Fractions/Decimals/Percents?
> Operations with Integers?  Graphing?  Data Analysis?  Solving one-
> varaiable equations?

There are quite a few of us here who should
> be able to point out some quality resources for you.

> On Sep  5 2004, Allan wrote:
> Hello,

Having reached my AA goal
> this past June, I am in the
> first of two math classes at a
> community college required for
> transfer to a four-year school.
> Chronologically I am somewhere to
> the right of zero although from
> this distance I can barely see zero,
> and I am not doing it as
> 'graciously as expected'.

Having a
> learning disability I find
> math to be a daily struggle to remember
> processes and principals
> from one moment to the next, so I decided
> to look on the web for
> information on Math software that would take
> me through Math 125
> (Intermediate Algebra) up to my last math class,
> hopefully next
> semester.  

I am encountering exponentially more
> challenging
> information in Math 125 and would like to know if anyone
> knows of
> a software program out there that would help me undestand
> Algerbraic principals.

Thank you much.

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