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Topic: Teaching the Concept of Functions

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Subject:   RE: Teaching the Concept of Functions
Author: Yasser
Date: Sep 24 2004
Hi, Susan!

I am a highschool student that used to and at times still do have problems with
functions. I'll try to answer your question from my experience with learning the
concept of functions. One way that made the concept easier to understand was
looking at it in real world situations. For example: You can start with a map,
and ask the students to locate different points on that map. Then, you can apply
the concept of functions thus by using different formulas and posing related
questions. Like, suppose we want to take a brisk walk through the public park
and we want take a our own path, but a safe one based on the park's map. We can
find one through: {(x,y)|y=(+-) the square root of x; x=1,4,9
This is just one example, and I hope I have made it easier for you to reslove
this problem: Teaching the Concept of Functions.


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