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Topic: Squeak! (Really...)

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Subject:   RE: Squeak! (Really...)
Author: Mathman
Date: Sep 27 2004
On Sep 26 2004, Craig wrote:


> I attended a "Squeakfest" a couple of weekends ago.  Squeak is a
> visual, drag-and-drop programming language... video information
> about it claims it is descended from LOGO.  It is a free download,
> open-source program.

Any chance you could pass along the URL please?

> My "sophisticated" high school students would roll their
> eyes (in public, at least, but I bet they would have fun with it in
> private) at the software,

So might I, but I spend much of my hobby time checking out software, so am
interested.  My main question if any throughout several discussions in other
forums is the wisdom of introducing too much, and too sophisticated material too
soon.  There seems to be an awful hurry to educate at a more sophisticated
level, rather than a patience, and it is the direction and depth of that
education that concerns me at times.  In any event I'd like to check it out
please.  Like yourself, I'm interested in what concepts it would teach or aid in
teaching and at what expected level.

I realise that binaries can not be posted here, nor should be.  If there is a
suitable place for that I could send (i) a listing of my recent collection of IE
math "favorites", (ii) sample problems / solutions / approaches, and so on.  I
have a website with some software suggestions and spreadsheets available for
free also, and will post the URL here if that's OK.  Although mostly suitable
for high school, the spreadsheets in particular can be done on request.


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