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Topic: software for 11-18yr olds

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Subject:   RE: software for 11-18yr olds
Author: Susan
Date: Sep 28 2004
On Sep 28 2004, nasa wrote:
> hi everyone-i'm a maths teacher teaching gcse and a'level ( 11-18)-
> ive started to use xl and powerpoint-and can see how effective it is
> in the classroom-can any one tell me where i can get xl programms
> and ppt from on the net

One way to find powerpoints on the net is to use your favorite search engine,
put your topic in quotes, and then add .ppt
This will return mostly powerpoints in the search.  Also, if you use
and click on Advanced Search, then scroll to the bottom, you can check off xl
and/or powerpoint for your search.  
Hope this helps.

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