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Topic: software for 11-18yr olds

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Subject:   RE: software for 11-18yr olds
Author: Mathman
Date: Sep 28 2004
On Sep 28 2004, nasa wrote:
> hi everyone-i'm a maths teacher teaching gcse and a'level ( 11-18)-
> ive started to use xl and powerpoint-and can see how effective it is
> in the classroom-can any one tell me where i can get xl programms
> and ppt from on the net

You might try "John and Gwynn"'s website [Sorry, you'll have to do a websearch
...which is also a handy tool in general for what you are looking for...  I
can't recall the URL, but they are in England.]  The power of XL [or any other
spreadsheet] is in the ability to write your own programs to specifically suit
your own preferences and purposes, rather than follow the trail of another
programmer.  I've done practice sheets in arithmetic and algebra; basic
arithmetic, fractions, factoring trinomials ... which use nice round numbers,
generate a new sheet being randomised by simply pressing F9, and including
answers [nice round numbers.]  The strength is in its diversity and power, and
depends on how you program it.  I've seen something similar done in the
wordprocessor Table, which amounts to a minimised spreadsheet within the word
processor.  The table, combined wit hColumns, also allows offset alignment not
possible in the spreadsheet.  At one time I used it to provide a teacher with a
specific marking scheme calculator he'd been looking for for years, trying much
other software without success.  That was done overnight.  It's awesome software
to be sure.


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