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Topic: Computer Tools at PreK2

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Subject:   RE: Computer Tools at PreK2
Author: gerirose
Date: Oct 1 2004
I've been lurking here for a while and guess that I should add some of what's
running around in my head.  

I agree that doing math with physical objects is absolutely necessary not only
for the little ones but through high school.  We often rob our older students of
experience with manipulatives that would deepen their understanding.

And I don't like seeing little children glued to screens, computer/TV.  However,
using the modern technologies also can deepen students' understanding.  All of
the suggestions made by Cynthia I am in agreement with.  I almost always brought
manipulatives and paper/pencils/scissors/tape to the computer lab so that the
children could have both.  This shouldn't be an either/or discussion but all of
the above.  gerirose

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