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Topic: Special Education Needs

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Subject:   RE: Special Education Needs
Author: emm
Date: Oct 2 2004
I feel very fortunate to have taught many LD students.  I never begin with
teaching.  Rather I find that it is very important to well establish a
relationship with the student.  In my case I have explored our relationship with
some level of play that actually has bearing on math: cutting contruction paper
to make cards to learn about parts of a whole; looking at plants and animals to
discover symmetry; reading fun stories to determine comprehension...

After a certain period of time, I start to introduce small aspects of math then
return to play when I sense even a hint of lost interest.  I find alternating
between constructive play -- that actually conveys concepts -- and directed
learning very, very productive.  In the end the key is your relationship to your
student.  Established trust and the fact of your continued patience has always
worked for me..

Hope this helps...

On Oct  1 2004, Bethany wrote:
> I'm bumping this topic back up to the top as I will be tutoring
> students who are LD in mathematics.  What ways, tech based or not,
> have you found to be successful teaching these students mathematics?
> Do they tend to be more successful with a conceptual hands on
> approach?

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