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Topic: exponents

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Subject:   RE: exponents
Author: gene
Date: Oct 2 2004

Dear PWR,

I searched for “exponents” using the box at the top of the page and found a
number of things, including the following sites:

Exponents for Algebra offers
algebra-oriented “lessons”. It starts out with a brief overview (no
explanations or proofs—just the facts), then moves to an “in depth” verbal
statement of the rules with examples and an intuitive explanation, then gives
brief examples of common student errors, and concludes with a “workout” wherein
students are given questions to answer.

The same site has another section called simply Exponents, It has the same format but is
briefer and more elementary. It’s suggested for grade 5 up.

Are either of these of value to you? I can imagine students trying these out at
school or home—wherever they have access to a computer, and it reinforcing what
you’re trying to teach.

It would be nice if teachers especially would look these over and rate them or
review them to help others—and also report to this discussion!

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