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Topic: Expressions and Equatons - middle level

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Subject:   RE: Expressions and Equatons - middle level
Author: Mathman
Date: Oct 15 2004
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Also, consider using material from exercises yet to come:  one equation, or even
some two equations problems.  If they can get practice just writing the
expressions they will be ahead of the game when they see them again.  They will
will have to write the expressions again to complete the problems.  You will
have to extract the individual expressions for this particular project though,
then put them together in the later questions.

e.g.  A man gave some money to his three sons.  To the second oldest he gave $4
more than the youngest.  The oldest got $7 more than the youngest.  How much did
each get if he gave $20 in all?

Your question would be instead, "Write an expression for the total sum of money
the sons received."

You would expect x + (x+4) + (x+7)

or you could ask for the equation x + (x+4) + (x + 7) = 20

...and so on, but without final solution.

It could be that oyu had finished an initial exercise, and now you could go to
these problems and pick out a few to practice doing hem only so far, and having
answers checked before going on.  Part of their frustration is having to spend
much time with the "going on" part, still confused about the initial setup.  If
that is done and corrected first, then they have to write the full equation,
then they have to solve it.

The same apporach work when doing two equation problems.  Just ask for the
equations, no solution, for a selected number of problems and discuss them
before asking for full solutions.


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