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Topic: Help: generating algorithm

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Subject:   RE: Help: generating algorithm
Author: Si
Date: Oct 24 2004
On Oct 23 2004, IntX wrote:

> I have are 4 computer generated 12-digit numbers. A pattern exists.

Sorry , I cannot see any clear pattern exists from your 4 generated 12 digit

> I want to find that pattern and be able to generate more 12-digit
> numbers in that pattern.

You won't be able to achieve that.

>Is this possible??

YES, it is possible but you need more advanced computer tools in your machine
that deals specically with the subject of "forecasting". If you do have MatLab,
you can do forecasting using either one of the following toolboxes:

- GARCH Toolbox
- WAVELET Toolbox

You can use commands such as :

 - arma (auto-regressive moving average)
 - arx (extended auto-regressive)
 - kalman (kalman filtering)
 - dwt (discrete wavelet transform)

To find out more of how to use those commands for predicting future k-th
outcome given an initial series of values, type : help 'command' , where
'command' is the name of the functions , eg: help arx


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