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Topic: Fractions, concept and calculations

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Subject:   RE: Fractions, concept and calculations
Author: Mathman
Date: Nov 4 2004
On Nov  4 2004, ihor wrote:

>I did! Three years! Wasn't that
> punishment enough for me?.

The fact that you loved to play was the driving force, as it was for me to play
the piano [I was also an athlete when young ..cross-country and soccer.]  The
teacher/coach is only the intermediary medium, as is a text; a source of skill
and knowledge ...or should be.  The driving force is within yourself ..or not.
That being there, the teacher can more readily teach what he knows, having gone
the same route.

>It's sad to think about how many people on this
> planet don't think they can "do" math and fractions I believe is a
> major contributor to this malaise.

It's more sad to think how many people *can* do math, but still have no real
mastery of fundamentals like fractions.  What I mean is a deep, effortless
understanding of the structure and manipulation of any rational expression; not
a daily struggle.  The concert pianist who entertains for a couple of hours, not
missing a single note or innuendo, does it effortlessly because he/she practiced
8 hours a day forever.  You *can't* do that without enjoying what you do ...even
your scales.  So it is with all skills.  One's meat is another's poison.  I
don't know about you, but I didn't think of fractions as a child as I do now,
seeing them in the broader spectrum of ratiional quantities.  I just didn't have
that broader spectrum base back then. So, ...I just did them until I could do
them well, then some more until I could do them *really* well.

No, I'm not going to sit down and practice my fractions for an hour. :-)

All that aside, kids have more important things to do


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