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Topic: Developing Fraction Concepts

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Subject:   Developing Fraction Concepts
Author: tackweed
Date: Nov 4 2004
I would like to split the idea of fraction concepts from fraction calculations.
I have currently started a supplemental class for 7th grade students who cannot
demonstrate proficiency in fraction operations.

Most of them do not know how to verbalize their concept of a fraction beyond
statments like 'part of a thing' and (interestingly) 'part of a number.'

I have tracked down a number of things about fractions and assembled them in an
arbitrary fashion at

I would appreciate if you could either supplement what is there or indicate
which approaches might be dead ends.  I have more or less numbered the sections
for reference.

If you have other specific tools that would help deal with the concept of a
fraction, please include them.

I have one other link for converting fractions, but am not sure if that ties in
with the basic concepts or would be better elsewhere:

Thnak you for your help,


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