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Topic: Number Line Bounce
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Subject:   RE: Number Line Bounce
Author: The Math Guy
Date: Nov 13 2004
I liked this one.  I tried putting the addends together in multiple orders and
it allowed several answers.  I was also impressed with the two different
representations of the solution (graphical & number problem).  The cognitive
demand seemed to be a step or two above the usual "find the sum".  This is a
good tool.
Art Mabbott

On Nov 13 2004, lanius wrote:
> Hey ya'll,

I'd like your opinion on a tool. What do you think of
> the Number Line Bounce? Would it be effective at developing addition
> and subtraction of integers. Anyone have any ideas of how you'd
> teach with this.
> Does anyone know of similar online tools? Also, does anyone ever
> send stuff like this to computer lab teachers so that they can teach
> skills, drag and drop, for example, in a curricular context.
> Thanks,

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