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Topic: What is a triangle?

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Subject:   RE: What is a triangle?
Author: Mathman
Date: Jan 5 2005
On Jan  5 2005, rabeldin wrote:
> My concern arose in connection with college students who seem to
> have developed bad thought patterns in high school. They are
> expected to read textbooks and decide for themselves whether they
> have questions to ask in class. Unless an alert student questions
> "Why do we call them triangles and define them as figures with three
> sides?" one never has an opportunity to explain. So, as always, the
> ones who don't question keep their confusions.

But that is true in any adult conferences as well. It is quite impossible to
foresee and answer all possible quesitons that might arise in a discussion, so
it it necessary to wait for some queries at times.  If that was the cae, there
would indeed be no room for discussion, and the students would in fact be stuck
with the undesireable teacher/lecturer, talking forever, tying to cover all
bases.  Such coverage occurs in a classroom, and/or afterwards if there is time,
where there is dialogue between teacher and students, and the student body
involves every possible variation.  The teacher can not be solely responsible
except to be knowledgeable enough to able to adequately answer queries as they
do arise.

About "bad thought patterns", that occurs at every level, and is understandable.
Teaching one class in physical science, I had to hand back their first
assignment and tell them that it simply wasn't acceptable ...but then I spent
the time showing them what was.  They were good students, they just needed a
pointer in the right direction.  That is why they are "students".  They still
don't know yet, and we must show them.


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