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Topic: Converting fractions to decimals and vice versa

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Subject:   RE: Converting fractions to decimals and vice versa
Author: Gurmohan
Date: Jan 6 2005
On Jan  6 2005, Mathman wrote:
> On Jan  6 2005, Gurmohan wrote:
> I am looking for math sites or
> tools explaining fractions and
> decimals and how one kind is
> converted into other. I find
> explains these topics in quite
> > unique way. Yet, I would like to know of more places if any one of
> > you have some to suggest.

The site needs a password, so it's
> difficult to see whatoyu are indicating.  Could you give some sort
> of indication please about what you think is unique in the
> presentation?  Also, is your interest in all things fractional or
> just in the matter of conversion back and forth?  I've always found
> the standard procedures quite effective if well-presented, but there
> are also special cases to consider as usual; some that make the
> general approach unnecessary perhaps.


The thing that I like in it is the fact that whatever conversions you give it to
do for you it does animate the steps involved and not just throw a
typed/hardcoded page in front of you. As regards the password, yes you need a
passworded account, but the membership is free. Just fill up a short form, about
half-a-dozen fields and it will open its doors for you. You will then need
to click on the middle button for learning more and then can follow from their
as the instructions would be announced to you. Just to make it easy for you I am
going to tell you that you will navigate by clicking on Math -> Arithmatic
-> Fractions -> Percent to decimals to bring the specific math program in
front of you. I hope I have explained it well.

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