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Topic: iPad app

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Subject:   RE: iPad app
Author: Dr. Fred
Date: Jun 8 2012
On Jun  6 2012, gerirose wrote:
> This is from a colleague of mine:
Maybe ScreenChomp from TechSmith is what you are looking for.


Check out our iPad apps at

My high school is 1:1 with
> laptops in grades 10-12.  We are now going to iPads in grades 9-12.
> I am looking for an app that will allow me to write on a pdf (or
> other types of documents) while recording what I write and what I
> say.  The goal is to post it on my wiki so any student can replay a
> lesson or play extra examples at home while seeing what I write and
> hearing what I say.

I have a livescribe pen, but I am
> specifically looking for an app that all of our teachers in math,
> science, etc. could use.

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