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Topic: The NEW classroom

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Subject:   RE: The NEW classroom
Author: Craig
Date: Feb 18 2005
I had this opportunity, on a limited basis, a few years ago.  Some things were
selected for me, others I chose.  My favorite classroom has
--real slate chalkboards, that erase easily and hold chalk well, on two and a
half walls:  lots of space for kids to write.
--a small-ish bulletin board, so I can display student work, math geek
posters, etc.
--a ceiling-mounted projector connected to a console housing a CD/DVD
player, a VCR, and a computer with spreadsheets, presentation software,
Geometer's Sketchpad, and internet access for use in demonstrating all those
great MathTools you can find at this site :)
--trapezoidal tables that are usually configured with two together as
hexagons, facilitating group work.  Don't go "cheap" on these (my school did,
and we're suffering for it now).
--sturdy, comfortable chairs for students.  Again, cheap chairs won't last
(our cheap plastic chairs caused static shock almost daily for the two years
before they became so broken down as to be unusable).
--a few computers on the school's network (with all the same software, access
to internet, etc.) around the periphery of the room.

I have seen the whiteboards, and they can be great depending on the teacher...
I, myself, don't use the chalkboard very much.  Some things I wish I had in the
classroom:  STORAGE for rulers, compasses, and other math supplies; a book case
for math references (such as a classroom set of textbooks).  I don't have a
printer in the classroom, and have never felt a need for one (though when I have
students working in the computer lab on some sort of activity, I do appreciate
access to the printer there).

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