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Topic: The NEW classroom

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Subject:   RE: The NEW classroom
Author: Mathman
Date: Feb 21 2005
On Feb 19 2005, tackweed wrote:
> I think I would go along with Craig's ideas - but personally I would
> add about 15 computers* (2 to 1 ratio) in the classroom to enable
> working on spreadsheets, possible programming applications etc. with
> at least half of the class at a time - similarly many of the math
> tools listed are better used in a one-person one-computer context.

I am curious as to what you have them do on spreadsheets [What grade/level?]. I
have taught both math and some computer studies, and so far as I know from that
and my own limited experience programming it is difficult enough for some
students to grasp new concepts in mathematics, as well as being at times
difficult for them to grasp new ideas in programming spreadsheets.  If you know
of ways to combine the two successfully, I'd appreciate your advice to pass
along to my colleagues. I'm now retired, and help them as one of my part-time
hobbies.  The best I could come up with was to create sheets which generate
random problems [and answers] in arithmetic and algebra, and to use other
programs more successfully for, say graphing, or statistics.



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