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Topic: Tool usage sites

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Subject:   RE: Tool usage sites
Author: tackweed
Date: Mar 3 2005
On Mar  3 2005, gene wrote:

> Also, it might be useful for us if you'd provide a few words as to
> what you're doing to go along with your url,
> And any comments about the
> directions you'd like to go in would also be helpful.

This site is the main page for my math classes.

The site started out as a weekly assignment calendar based on my grade book
program which encouraged weekly planning. Since I already had the information in
a more or less formatted manner, it was relatively simple to post it on the web.

The next step was to add information - e.g., graphics, tables, whatever to aid
students with the assignments. Then came the links to additional materials and
other explanations such as Ask Dr. Math and Problems of the Week.

With the introduction of various JavaScripts and Java applets the assignment
calendar has become a bit more than a list of assignments. It serves as an
on-line resource for parents and students and can provide additional
assistance and enrichment for students. (Check here to see what has happened
since the 1999-2000 school year:

The next two links are examples of current lesson plans for the week. The degree
of additional information and links is dependent on how much time I have to
track things down that I find appropriate to the lesson - or how much time I
might have to generate a script/program:

I believe the direction I am heading for actually parallels the proposal made by
Steve Weimar (date unknown ) for
subject specific pages at different levels of difficulty/explanation. Whether my
final destination is an on-line text or some other form of structured resource
remains to be seem, but my personal hope is that there can be a centralized,
on-line component of classes that would address remedial, performing, and
advanced students as structured by the classroom teacher. Some of this problem
is organizational, some structural as in templates, and some pedagogical.

Part of the problem seems to be that there is a decreasing use of the internet
due to increased commercialization. Students and parents are less inclined to
use the resources available, probably because they lack an easier way to get to
them. It would seem that if the information could be incorporated into the class
structure and used as an integral part, rather than a supplement, the
effectiveness of the internet could make a major gain.

Jeff LeMieux

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