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Topic: Tool usage sites

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Subject:   RE: Tool usage sites
Author: Claudia
Date: Mar 6 2005
On Mar  3 2005, tackweed wrote:
> Would those of you who have current web pages where various math
> tools are used by classes/students please provide the url?  I am
> looking for specific tool use in context as opposed to listings of
> tools.

I am in need of new ideas and would like to see examples
> of what others are doing.  

Thank you

Jeff LeMieux

Here's my teacher webpage:

Last year I had my students submit suggestions for online resources.  This year
I begin every unit with a Math Tools search.  I've been especially pleased with
the Geo Sketchpad investigations -- they're engaging and helped me learn the
software as well.  I also think the geometry applets really helped my students
this year make the connection between 2D nets and 3D solids.  And I've been
surprised by the wealth of tools for my pre-algebra course.  It's so funny to
hear the ooh's and ahh's from these younger students.

I hope this helps.

Claudia Dicken

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