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Topic: Formulas

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Subject:   RE: Formulas
Author: gooofy707
Date: Mar 7 2005
I would agree that students are afraid of letters.  Not neccesarily because they
are letters, although substituting shapes is a great idea. I think it is that
they do not understand the concepts.  A simple problem to us, such as x+3=5,
stumps students.  Why?  One of the issues may definatley be that anything other
than a number does not make sense.  Formulas are abstract if the students do not
understand what the variables mean, what they represent, and how they are


On Feb 24 2005, tovali wrote:
> You are in no way alone. Students are afraid of letters! Sometimes I
> will substitute shapes (circles, triangles, squares) for the
> variables so that they focus on the patterns seen using the laws of
> algebra to solve an equation for a variable.

On Feb 24 2005,
> Mrs J wrote:
> I have noticed over the last few years that students
> are having more
> difficulty with the concept of formulas. It could
> be something as
> simple as I=prt area, perimeter, volume,
> temperature converion, or
> any instance where the process is to
> enter numbers and compute the
> answer from that info. Am I alone
> or have others seen this problem?

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