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Topic: Representation of concepts

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Subject:   Representation of concepts
Author: ycc
Date: Mar 11 2005
  For some reasons, I am interested in the roles of different representations in
understanding concepts of mathematics in particular, and any discipline in
general. Concepts may be (sometimes) represented by diagram or represented
words. I wonder whether it is true that the former must better for our
understanding (correct understanding) than the latter. Or, it is indeed person
dependent (or context dependent). In particular, I wonder whether for some kinds
of people, they tend to use diagram in trying to understand a new concept
whereas some other people tend to use words instead. Is it relate to gender
(Say female like to use diagram whereas male like to use word -- just give an
example to illustrate my question -- no any theoretical or empirical
Or, is it relate to age or educational level? or others...?

     I would like to hear about your opinions. Either from your experience (in
teaching or in your own learning way or any other) or any research study you
know? I would be glad if you can share with me your experience or what you

Thanks in advance.

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