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Topic: Representation of concepts

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Subject:   RE: Representation of concepts
Author: lindaparmenter
Date: Mar 13 2005
Sorry to insert myself into your conversation, but for my state eveluation it
was necessary for me to determine the learning sytles of my students.  Since I
did not have access to enough computers on a daily basis I preferred a paper and
pencil test.  I found one on-line from a company called Capsol.  They will
send you a sample with hopes you will buy a large quantity.  The learning styles
that are determined are the usual: visual, kinesthetic, verbal, etc,  however
the test also determines if a child is a group or individual learner, a global
learner, and a couple more I can't remember.  9 in all.  The test then gives
examples of how to best deal with the child's learning styles.  I should also
let you know that the scale determines if the child is high or low in each of
the categories and the explanations deal with both ends of the scale as well.
Hope this is of some help to you.


On Mar 11 2005, RedCisc wrote:
> Val,

Very interesting. Do you or anyone else know of a quick
> test, computer-based or paper, that could be given to students on
> day 1 in order to determine their learning styles?

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