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Topic: Formulas

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Subject:   RE: Formulas
Author: Mathman
Date: Apr 4 2005
On Apr  4 2005, DAG wrote:
> I think one of the best ways for kids to learn to deal with
> algebraic expressions and then formulas is with the Hands on
> Equation system.  It allows them to physically manipulate objects to
> keep and equation balanced.  After the kids are comfortable with the
> ideas they are then able to move to more abstract ideas and apply
> algabraic reasoning to a formula.  I have had great success with
> fifth graders using this method.

I taught high school, and found that some students had inordinate difficulty
with some rearrangements [some can be rather difficult].  I'm curious as to the
extent of the type of problem they would meet in 5th grade.  It is likely that
your methods would do well there, but can be cumbersome later on.  I guess I'm
asking if you find that they do relatively well afterwards?  Do you get feedback
from higher grades?  If so, I'd be interested in knowing the source please so
that I can pass it along to my colleagues [ex ---I'm retired  :-)].


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