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Topic: 3D grapher required

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Subject:   RE: 3D grapher required
Author: Si
Date: Apr 6 2005
On Apr  6 2005, Mathman wrote:
> Hi,

I'm trying to assist a colleague and at the same time satisfy
> my own curiosity.  I have already available some hefty software for
> producing graphs of multiple 3D functions and allowing easy rotation
> either with keyboard or mouse [prefereable.]  The intent here is to
> graph a system of three planes in 3D [i.e. 3 equations, 3
> variables], to have them show as filled planes, not just mesh, show
> numbered axes, and to be able to rotates to see relative position
> and intersections if any.  I'd have died for this when teaching
> vector algebra.  There is a number of free programs that will graph
> a single function and behave satisfactorily, but I've seen none free
> to do the above for three planes, and I've ben lookin a longtime now
> off an on.  If anyone knows of any such free programs I'd
> apprecaiate knowing.  The reason for a need for free is to teach to
> students who simply can not afford the larger programs like Maple,
> Mupad etc.  Also they are far more than the students will need.  I
> think there is a real need for a program like Mupad, but with more
> limited functionality, as needed for high school studies.  The
> larger programs are geared more for college/university studies.
> Thanks.



Do you know Java ? If you do then look no further then VisAD. VisAD is a library
for developers for 2D and 3D visualizations, so you can write your applets to do
exactly what you are describing. It is quite popular for community of developers
for scientific visualizations.

VisAD is the most sophisticated free Java library (open source API - application
programming interface) 3D visualization available today.
You can do every attributes manipulatin for 3D , such as wireframe, 3D line,
plane in 3D, light-source, light-reflection, zooming (perspective view),
rotations, rendering ,peeling surfaces (seeing inner surface of an object - also
known as volumetric slicing), and so on... There are sample codes in that web
site that might help you get started.


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