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Topic: 3D grapher required

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Subject:   RE: 3D grapher required
Author: Mathman
Date: Apr 10 2005
On Apr 10 2005, Jean-Jacques wrote:
>On another front, Cabri
> has come out with
> Cabri 3D which also does a lot. It is not free
> ($75 US) and is
> available only in Europe but there are ways you can
> get a copy. I
> highly recommend it if you are interested in doing
> anything with
> polyhedra.

Thank you.  I am interested in assisting colleagues, and so use this pastime to
advantage.  Geometer's Sketchpad has also increased its functionality, and is
available free, along with some other useful major software to teachers where I
live thought a province-wide funding program.  There are several 3D graphing
programs which are free, and almost what is needed, but they present only one
graph per session, not several.  One that does so is relatively expensive.  The
search here is for something very inexpensive, or free.  Graphmatica, for
instance, is available to those who can not afford the shareware cost.

P.S. the URL reference in your other message showed a number of black rectangles
[no images] after item 4, using Mozilla browser.

Thank you once more for your interest.


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