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Topic: How technology can enhance math learning

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Subject:   RE: How technology can enhance math learning
Author: Silver
Date: Apr 29 2005
On Apr 29 2005, lanius wrote:

OK, I'd like to hear about how
> technology SUPPORTS learning in your class.
I LOVE using a document camera to show multiple approaches/student solutions in
problem solving!  

Simple technology like 4-function calculators are also WONDERFUL in my
4th-grade classroom.  We don't use them when working on "nice" simple
arithmetic - they are stored in a supply drawer with other math tools like
rulers for use when we need them. Students have access to the drawer and are
allowed to make this decision.

We often discuss - would this be a problem a calculator would be helpful on?  Is
there a way we do this quickly and easily without a calculator?  

We use them often when when solving math problems with "messy" numbers.  With
calculators, messy numbers don't have to be a block to learning.

An example from last week: We were exploring the relationship between speed,
distance, and time.  I had students measuring the change in a marble's speed
caused when the slope of the inclined plane it traveled on was increased. This
obviously would create some messy numbers, and my students aren't pros yet at
division of multi-digit numbers, but they easily explored the S=D/T
relationship with calculators and rounded their "messy" answers to the nearest
hundreth meter/second. If we had NOT used calculators, exploring this simple
science concept would have been VERY difficult for my fourth-grade

I'd love to hear other ideas.

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