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Topic: How technology can enhance math learning

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Subject:   RE: How technology can enhance math learning
Author: Mathman
Date: May 1 2005
On May  1 2005, Jyoch wrote:
>But a
> tool that has consistantly helped my students understand Geometry
> without diluting their experience at the subject is Geometer's
> Sketchpad. It is ably supported by worksheets at different levels
> and is a pure joy to use all round.

Agreed, and I have helped some colleagues with this and other software from time
to time.  However, I must add: Except in the case of those not
college/university bound, PLEASE do not replace formality of proof with
Sketchpad's facility to observe sepcific, even though many examples.  Yes, it is
more demanding, but then the rewards are proportional to the effort.  I still
firmly believe that there is much to be learned that can be applied in so many
other instances from strict logical analysis and the search for elegance.  To
use only GSP would be like learning to paint by number.  One very powerful
aspect it does have is the opening of possibilities when certain properties in
some situations are revealed that might not have been so readily found.  Some
visual image jumps out atoyu.  Still, it remains to be proven where


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