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Topic: Using Technology to Enhance Math Learning

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Subject:   RE: Using Technology to Enhance Math Learning
Author: Mathman
Date: May 17 2005
On May 17 2005, macbeth wrote:
>Is anyone using
> software in their classroom or standards based websites such as
> MathTools that they find particularly valuable?

Certainly around here:
The spreadsheet: Excel, Open Office Calc, Quattro Pro.

Graphing [2D, 3D]: Graphmatica, "Graph" from Padowan software, Maple, Mupad,
Winplot, GraphCalc, ... spreadsheet.

Symbolic math:  Maple, Mupad

Equation editor:  As supplied by wordprocessors [a version of MathType?]
Mathcast, ...

Drawing [2D geometry or drafting]: DeltaCad, GSP, C.a.R., ...

Graph paper: for a variety, or GraphTablet for
another set.

Statistics:  Fathom, Kyplot, some use of Graphmatica and Graph for regression,

...and a few more I can't think of at the moment.  All are put to good use by
excellent teachers.

The graphing calculator has multiple uses of course, but a good specifically
designed program does a better job on individual tasks.

P.S.  My brother used to work the steel business until recently.  He informed me
that many engineers in high steel construction where he was carry around 6"
slide rules rather than clunky calculators, but depend on pro software when back
at the table.  A safety consideration, and good enough for a rough go before
detailing in the office.  Perhaps that still has its place?


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