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Topic: Representation of concepts

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Subject:   RE: Representation of concepts
Author: gsw
Date: May 31 2005
On Mar 11 2005, RedCisc wrote:
> Do you or anyone else know of a quick
> test, computer-based or paper, that could be given to students on
> day 1 in order to determine their learning styles?

The idea that there are two learning styles (verbal & visual/right brain-left
brain) is about as silly as the idea that there is one. We're all different and
we all change with time & experience. Categorizing styles can be instructive,
but mostly because it makes you pay attention to the fact that they exist. I'd
hate to think someone was pigeon-holing students based on a day 1 test.

The key is to keep listening. And I think the pedagogic key is to expose
students to alternatives - just because someone has a propensity for words
doesn't mean they can't think visually, just that it might not occur to them to
do so unless someone suggests it.


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