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Topic: Twee resources on-line
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Subject:   Twee resources on-line
Author: moduality
Date: Dec 30 2012
Hi. I am the developer of Geom-e-Tree.  I would like to hear any comments or
feedback you may have on Twee or Tree.

FYI, Twee is a "one off" of Tree.  It's calibrated for kids... draws fewer
lines, has a few simple graphic themes, and is limited to trees with 2 and 3
branches (binary and ternary trees).  Twee is Free.  Tree (TREE) supports 2-7
branches, up to 10K lines, and has ~20 themes, including those from Twee.  Tree
can save geom-e-trees in an Arboretum for later re-activation.

I will be updating both Tree and Twee in early 2013 by adding themes.

There are a number of resources (gallery, FAQs, explore, activities, explore) on
the commercial website(s).

John Miller, Portland Oregon

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