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Topic: Using iPad apps in the classroom
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Subject:   RE: Using iPad apps in the classroom
Author: sandydjdm
Date: Dec 31 2012
On Dec 15 2012, Suzanne wrote:
> Are you using math apps on iPads or other mobile devices with your
> students?

In particular, have you used the Sketchpad Explorer
> app in a classroom? How was it successful? What were your
> challenges?

Hi,  I'm a bit of a rookie here, but we have been experimenting with iPad apps,
including Sketchpad Explorer, in my Geometry classes.  With SE, you need to use
a Sketch that has already been created, but there are a number of useful
sketches on the community site   We
have had pretty good luck with GeoDesigner as an app (especially since they
fixed some frustrating glitches -Yay!) where students create their own
sketches, paticularly with transformations and exploring triangle centers.  I am
having to rethink my former paper projects though, to make use of the
interactivity of the iPad and to make sure my students can make the connection
from the iPad to solving geometry problems. Some really seemed to miss the link.

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