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Topic: Jeff's Monday ToolFest Question

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Subject:   Jeff's Monday ToolFest Question
Author: Jeff L
Date: Jun 13 2005
How are tools (other than Sketchpad, Excel, Fathom and graphing calculators)
being used - either in or outside the classroom?

There are many math tools available on the Internet. What is not clear is how
they are being used. In my personal experience, some such as this ordered simple
and activities such as paper pool:
can be used in a lab setting.

Probability simulators such as the Simulated Experimental Coin-Toss &
Dice-Roll Data:
can be used in the classroom for either large group, small group or individual

Outside the classroom, students can use simulators and problem solvers like
Repeating or Terminating?:
that can be used to determine the repeating pattern in a repeating decimal.

Another use is tools for the teacher such as worksheet generators like this one
about fractions.:

Do you know of other uses for tools and can you give examples? Comments about
the tools welcome as well.

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