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Topic: Jeff's Monday ToolFest Question

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Subject:   RE: Jeff's Monday ToolFest Question
Author: Suzanne
Date: Jun 13 2005
Hi Jon,

I would find those sites and tools of interest! If they aren't yet cataloged in
Math Tools it would also be very helpful if you consider submitting individual
tools, activities, or lessons by using our Submit Resources page:

It helps us a lot if you mark the "topic(s)" from the course(s) that you know
the tool addresses. There's nothing like having the teacher who is actually
using the tool to instruct to let us know the topics that tool teaches!

The topics are listed on the "Submit Resources page" but I also like to view
those lists of topics by going to the "Math Topics" link on the left sidebar of
every Math Tools page:

If you have questions, please reply to this message and I'll try to clarify
things more!


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