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Topic: SmartBoard

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Subject:   RE: SmartBoard
Author: jlowe10
Date: Jun 13 2005
Hi Dan
I am based in a high school in Australia. I have been looking at interactive
white boards since September last year. We installed our first one just before
Easter this year. We know have four. I found a lot of information from the web
sites of Math teachers Asociations in the UK. The UK government has provided
significant amounts of money for UK schools to installboards of this type so
there is lots of information and collections of resources. A search for
IWB+mathematics will provide lots of links.

Any of the interactive applets such as those here on Mathtools work well on
these boards. You will notice subtle differences with some of the UK material
specifially designed for IWBs. These often do not have 'solutions' built in but
just provide the tool for the teacher to facilitate discussion between

Re TI-83+
We have used Virtual TI on our boards. You can also check the TI web site for
the software development Kit fot the 83. It is downloadable from the site and
contains a TI-83+ emulator built in to it. (The new TI-smartview has not yet
been released here in Australia, and the SDK is still free)



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