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Topic: Your Top N Tools?

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Subject:   Your Top N Tools?
Author: Don Link
Date: Jun 14 2005
Once I began to look at the tools on MathTools, I found that I needed to do
quite a bit of browsing and searching to find tools that really met my needs.  I
figured that other teachers may be having a similar experience.  In some ways,
the breadth and number of available tools results in a barrier to entry for new
folks, even with MathTool's excellent search and rating mechanisms.

So, I thought it would be useful if there were “Top 10” lists that newcomers
could use to get started.  These lists would contain short descriptions,
recommendations, and links to the best tools in a certain arena (for example, in
my case, 6th grade math).

To do this, we need to have many of us tool users contribute info on our
favorite tools, collected and categorized in some way (e.g., by Course).

I suggest we provide the tool's URL on MathTools and a short statement of how we
use it and why we rate it so high.

Please help by contributing your favorites.  BUT, don't wait until you have it
all together.  If you have one or two favorites now, go ahead and post them to
this discussion.  You can add more later.

My first posting will follow shortly.

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