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Topic: Jeff's Tuesday ToolFest Question

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Subject:   RE: Trackstar - Mixed reviews
Author: ihor
Date: Jun 14 2005

>Jeff, I was wondering if
> you have used Trackstar, a very nice, free, web application that
> might help teachers with the issue of presenting and archiving
> activities that use different math tools.  

I have used it in my staff development workshops. The middle school teachers I
worked with liked it. A couple of the teachers used it to develop their
projects. I recall one criticism was that it was too restrictive and it was
easier just to build one from scratch. But I think it can be useful and time
saver to prepare lessons. Unfortunately, it can't help the techer make for an
effective lesson sequence. The fractions example though cute would get a thumbs
down from me. One exception was the link to Cynthia Lanius' web site. :-)

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