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Topic: Your Top N Tools?

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Subject:   Statistics Top 4
Author: Craig
Date: Jun 14 2005
I've been teaching Statistics (AP equivalent) for the past three years, and I
have relied heavily on these four tools:

Statistics Favorites… catalogued as
What it does
Why I like it

Tool: or
What:  This is a free, java-based statistical analysis program, similar to
Why:  It’s free, accessible to students with internet access, and fairly easy to

Tool: or
What:  Wide variety of environmental data, catalogued by function family or
probability distribution.
Why:  Data comes in a variety of formats, ready for students to analyze; good
“context” provided for the data.

Tool: (I have asked
the author for permission to catalog this in Math Tools, but he hasn't yet
granted it)
What:  A text-based simulator and data analysis tool that accompanies
Statistics: Concepts and Methods, by James Harner, et. Al.
Why:  Simulation provides a great way to illustrate statistical concepts, and
the simulator in this tool is easy to use and FAST.  There are other simulators
available (search “Box Model,” but they aren’t as flexible as this one.

Tool: or , the “Probability and
Statistics Object Library.”  
What:  This single tool incorporates a host of specific statistical applications
(search “Alabama” in the MathTools catalog).  It’s great for demonstrating
specific probability distributions and experiments.
Why:  I particularly like this tool because it allows you to download the
applets and build them into your own customized web pages.  I give students an
“experiment” with explanation, questions to answer, and a tool for answering the
questions built right in!

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