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Topic: Your Top N Tools?

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Subject:   More 6th Grade Favorites
Author: Don Link
Date: Jun 15 2005
TOOL:  GeoBoard, NLVM, Utah State University
WHAT:  A virtual version of the physical GeoBoard with pegs.
       Uses electronic rubberbands to construct polygons.
       Can show perimeter and area of constructed figure.
WHY:   Kids love it.  Excellent for student experimentation.
       Very versitile.  Comes with activities but easy to make your own.
TOOL:  Fraction Pie, NCTM Illuminations
WHAT:  Shows equivalent representation of fraction, decimal, percent.
       Sliders change numerator & denominator independently.
       Can choose from 3 models: circle sections, rectangle sections, objects in
a set.
WHY:   Great for student experimentation.

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