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Topic: Jeff's Monday ToolFest Question

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Subject:   RE: shooting balls
Author: njh
Date: Jun 15 2005
It's actually njh :-)
It was the shooting balls that I was looking for!!  I have been trying to get an
older computer to use to run the "line game" on, as it was a free DOS program
that was very addictive.  In that version, you had three tries to rack up a high
score.  The "balloons/balls" changed after each round, and they were worth
various amounts.  The shooting balls is similar and will do for my purposes.
Also, I, too find it frustrating to try to use tools when a network might be
down, or they don't work with our hardware, etc.  This past year, I finally got
the chance to write a couple of lesson plans that incorporated iBooks (that's
what we had available), and my students loved them!  I had them do several
things, including taking notes, etc.  I also have used the I CAN learn
classroom, and my students (all boys) preferred the assignments that I gave
them.  I think part of this may be the interaction that I was able to give them
in a classroom with laptops verses the fixed desktop stations that were in a
room with very tight space and not easily manuevered around quickly.  Anyway,
they really liked the interactive sites, from the timed multiplication tests
(these were 8th graders, ages 13-16) to interactive adventures regarding
I would really like to be able to use some of these tools "off-line" on my own
page that students could access from the web, or off-line as needed.  Any

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