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Topic: teaching about scale

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Subject:   RE: scaling on coordinate plane
Author: Jeff L
Date: Jun 15 2005
On Jun 15 2005, Bethany wrote:
> Guess I wasn't too clear in my first message.  I meant scaling in
> the terms labeling axes on a graph.  

I usually categorize these as scale and interval.  I have to agree with your
original premise - it takes a bunch of hands on practice to begin to build an
understanding of the these numbers - while the scale part is usually defined as
'including the least and greatest values' we spend a fair amount of time dealing
with intervals. The same interval process can occurs in frequency tables, bar
graphs, histograms and box plots.  Since we seem to be moving more and more
graphing to lower levels, maybe this will help provide the experience part of
the problem.

I haven't had a chance to incorporate this yet, but I have noticed that some
histograms use the straightforward approach of dividing by the number of
intervals desired - instead of finding equitable whole number ranges - maybe we
could work backwards from that as an alternative approach/model.

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