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Topic: Finding applets and flash

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Subject:   Finding applets and flash
Author: Susan
Date: Jun 15 2005
One of the great advantages of Math Tools is the ability to choose a tool type,
so that if you are looking for an interactive tool, you can search for java
applets or flash.  You used to be able to search on the web with HOTBOT for
Shockwave/flash and or javascript, but now it looks like Google has taken over
Hotbot, so that search tool has been eliminated.  I have tried adding a .swf
extension to Google searches for Flash, but it is not nearly as effective as the
Hotbot tool.  Do any of you have hints for searching for applets on the web?
Are there search engines that are better for this than others?  Are there
techniques that I should know about?  Please help! Lost w/o Hotbot.....

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