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Topic: Jeff's Monday ToolFest Question

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Subject:   RE: Jeff's Monday ToolFest Question
Author: mrunning
Date: Jun 15 2005
On Jun 13 2005, Jeff L wrote:
>> On Jun 13 2005, Susan wrote:


>> don't think I have catloged any of
>> his pages at this point
>> because it is hard to figure out how to do
>> it, since there are
>> many resources here.  Take a look and let me
>> know what you think.
>> How can we put these into Math Tools?

This is a category of
> materials I started working on this year - for lack of a better name
> I call them 'reference pages.'  I would insert them into my lesson
> plans or as supplementary materials to on-line presentations.
> Generally they cover one specific topic and hopefully encourage the
> user to work through them.

I think they should be a separate type
> of category - maube a better name would help...


This is an issue with Math Tools cataloging in general. Our system is set up to
handle individual nuggets: what should we do with chunks of ore? Are these sorts
of pages that collect multiple different items on one page useful to teachers in
the classroom? (Or out of the classroom?) Does it depend on what's

When a "collection" page focuses on one topic we can catalog it under the
specific course and topic. When there are several topics, one option for us is
to catalog it at the narrowest possible math topic(s). Sometimes, however, we
would have no choice but to catalog it at the top level of the course. Would
this be useful to you?

For example,
can be cataloged at the top general level of our course, "Math 7." There is a
problem, however, because accessing ONLY resources at the general level is not
an option. (Clicking on the Math 7 topic gives you a list of sub-topics, not
category contents. Using the pull-down menus in the upper bar will give you a
list of all items cataloged in Math 7, *as well as* any of its subcategories.
Not very helpful...)

In practice, we would catalog each individual item from this page, because they
have their own separate addresses. (Yes, our eyes bug out after a while!)
Suzanne and I just discussed putting a note in the description field, to point
toward this "parent" page so that you can find items that are related, but not
closely enough to be listed in the related items field.

One thing we are sure of and that is the great benefit of having actual
classroom teachers who have USED tools, activities, lessons in their classrooms
with students submit those resources and mark the courses and topics:

We're always happy to tweak the descriptions, etc. but there's nothing like
first-hand classroom experience to know how the tool helps students learn
specific topics.


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