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Topic: Identifying Tools for Your Specific Needs

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Subject:   Identifying Tools for Your Specific Needs
Author: WandaB
Date: Jun 16 2005
The focus of the discussion I'm facilitating today is to help educators identify
tools to meet specific needs they have in the classroom. With an audience of
educators and resource developers for all age ranges, what a perfect opportunity
to receive input on what you need!

The resources mentioned don't have to part of MathTools at this time; we can
catalogue them at a later date. There is a wide breadth of tools (including
lesson plans, activities, stories and suppport material) and technology
available. Feel free to mention any that you feel are appropriate to the given

This is one of my specific needs: A concept many of my students have difficulty
with is simplifying expressions involving more than one variable and the
distributive property. When worked alone, they understand how and why the
distributive property works. All this goes out the window when simplifying
expressions. They also want to say that 2x + 3x = 5x squared.

Another need: Being able to apply the rules for integers when presented with
mixed problems. My students often get confused that two negatives = a positive
when multiplying and want to apply the same rule to adding. I use activities
that allows them to develop the rules for addition and subtraction and provide
ample practice on all operations, we still get confused! Does anyone have a
simple tool or explanation for the rule for multiplication and division?

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