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Topic: Jeff's Thursday ToolFest Question

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Subject:   Need both text and MathTools support
Author: WandaB
Date: Jun 16 2005
As an educator, I appreciate the support materials provided on-line by text
publishers. A site I use quite often is Glencoe's. However, I like to have a
available a wide variety of resources that are responsive to my particular

Will we be able to continue making MathTools relevant
> or will the lack of time to develop resources result in the math
> tools being adjuncts to commercial texts?

One reason many teachers and administrators look for a 'complete package' when
reviewing curriculum is ease of availability and time. Having resources
catalogued by MathTools is an invaluable resource. Time is a very precious
limited resource - yes, we do have a life! Having a library of resources
available on one website helps save a tremendous amount of time. An additional
benefit is the availability of support from educators nationwide.

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